Oh, Christmas Tree!

One of my favorite family traditions at the holidays is getting our Christmas tree at Linvilla Orchards. For the past three years my husband, son, and I have been hopping on board a hayride, grabbing a saw, and venturing into Linvilla’s fields to pick the best tree we can find. This year we truly outdid ourselves, bringing home our biggest tree yet. And what fun we had finding it!

We are a household of Christmas fanatics. Granted, it’s probably hard to find a person who doesn’t like the holiday season, and having a 10-year-old in the family definitely brings a whole lot of fervor to the month of December. But how many families do you know that wouldn’t buy a house unless it was the perfect “Christmas house”? We stay in the Christmas spirit all year long, purchasing ornaments as souvenirs whenever we’re on vacation or visiting a new place, so the prelude to buying our tree each year lasts for months.

Three years ago we decided to check out Linvilla’s cut-your-own-tree hayride. Prior to that we had changed our tree-buying spot each year, searching for just the right place with just the right tree—and a bunch of Christmas spirit, too. We were looking for somewhere that took the holidays as seriously as we do. Now that we’ve found Linvilla, we’ll never go anywhere else.

Being on a hayride with other folks going to get their tree for the holidays is a special experience. Little ones bundled up for the chilly weather, parents taking pictures, young couples snuggling . . . for a Christmas-lover like me, it’s perfection, plain and simple. As the tractor approaches the field, passengers start scanning the area for “their” tree, the one that will go home with them and become the centerpiece of their family’s holiday celebration.

And here’s the best part about it: Every family has a different idea about what their tree should be. Tall, short, skinny, full—there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to Christmas trees. People scatter in all directions after disembarking from the hayride; cries of “I found it!” and then “Tim-ber!” arise from the field. After they’re cut, trees are taken back to the path, where they’re spirited away by Linvilla’s friendly staff. Then it’s back on the hayride to return to Linvilla, where a warm fire and marshmallows for toasting greet you.

While we waited for our tree to be bundled to go on the roof of our car—and I must give a shoutout to whoever devised this wonderfully efficient system!—we sipped some homemade hot apple cider and browsed through Linvilla’s Garden Center chock full of Christmas decorations, poinsettias, candles, toys, and much more. After a wave to Santa, it was off to the Farm Market for fresh cider donuts. We picked up our tree, returned home, cranked up the Christmas music, and spent the rest of the day decorating the perfect tree for our family, in our perfect Christmas house.

Linvilla’s Cut-Your-Own Christmas Tree Hayrides run Monday–Friday, 10am–5pm, and 
Saturday & Sunday, 9am–5pm, through December 23. For something extra-special, enjoy Wassailing Caroling Hayrides on December 15 & 22 at 5pm and 6:30pm (more information on hayrides at the link). Santa visits Linvilla Saturdays and Sundays from 1–3pm; bring your camera!

Don’t want to cut your own tree? Linvilla also has a wonderful assortment of precut trees in all sizes and prices, in addition to greens, roping, and wreaths. For a special treat for someone who made your “Nice List” this year, send them one of Linvilla’s fruit and gift baskets (see the full selection here). And don’t forget to place your holiday order for Linvilla’s renowned baked goods—I recommend the apple caramel walnut pie!

—Michele Kornegay

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